Bridging Art and Design with Technology:
Explore the New Possibilities in Creativity

In recent years, the boundaries between art and design studies have become less rigid. Some artists are studying the shifting nature of art studies and erasing these boundaries. In contrast, designers are increasingly exploring design elements to meet changing user needs caused by advanced technology. The transdisciplinary nature of art and technology has fostered new approaches to artistic expression, including new media arts and digital arts. Meanwhile, the linkages between design and technology are putting forward advanced aspects of design experience, including design and emotion, data visualisation, and human interaction design. Technology has advanced from data computerisation to network-community interactions in past decades, providing an opportunity to further investigate the potential of the linkages between art and design under the influence of technology.

With a particular focus on creativity’s role in bridging art, design, and technology, this conference aims to explore creativity and its intersection with art, design, and technology. It also serves as an academic platform for discussing, sharing new insights and strives to spread awareness of digital arts, design, and culture via a range of academic, professional, and cultural initiatives. Academics, researchers, practitioners, and others from all over the world working in the broadly defined fields of digital arts, culture, creative industries, education, and transdisciplinary methods have submitted a large number of cutting-edge works for this conference.

A four-day conference titled ‘International Conference of Art, Design and Technology 2024’ will be held in this Summer. This conference will provide the opportunity to exchange experiences, develop fresh ideas, and develop collaborative strategies for interested scholars, practitioners and other stakeholders. Scholars from both local and overseas regions will present their most current findings on important issues such as user-generated content, creative applications of art and design studies with digital technologies, and the impact of technology on art and design education. Additionally, academics and practising artists/designers from Hong Kong and overseas will share their practical creative insights into art and design studies and technology.


Invited Keynotes

Navigating Computational Technologies in Visual Design
Prof. SHIM Kyuha

Designing in the Digital Age!
Prof. YEO Puay Hwa Jesvin

The Value of Inclusion: Empathy and Interaction through Visual Communication Design
Prof. SHIN Junbum



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22nd July 2024

Wrokshop 1: Art, Design and Emotion
Wrokshop 2: Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Training and Simulations

Wrokshop 3: ‘Techspressionism’ of Digital Art
Wrokshop 4: Application of Creative Technology in Art and Design Education

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
31st May 2024

Abstract Acceptance Notification
7th June 2024

Full Paper Submission Deadline
28th June 2024

Conference Dates
22nd-25th July 2024

Call for papers

Diverse aspects of the theme, including but not limited to:

Creative Expressions 
Technological Innovation
Digital Art 
Interactive Design
Human-Computer Interaction 
User Experience Design
Education in Art and Design with Technology
Emerging Technologies in Art and Design


Track 1
Technology and Creative Expression

Track 2
Interactive Media and Immersive Experiences

Track 3
Data Visualisation and Visual Communication

Track 4
Designing for Sustainability, Social Impact, Culture and Education

Track 5
Emerging Technologies and Future Trends

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